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DLUX PROFESSIONAL develops, manufactures and exports a variety of high-quality beauty products, with a focus on eyelash-related solutions, tools and accessories. We export our products from our headquarters in Korea, and produce them at our factory. What makes our  company unique is that we design, produce and sell the products ourselves, which means we are personally involved in every single step of the process. Each item is manufactured in accordance with ISO standards, and has been fully tested for quality with government-published results. We take great pride in everything that bears our name, and believe our products have the highest quality of any in the industry, worldwide. However, the guaranteed excellence of our products is not  the only benefit to you. Our full-service approach also means that we take care of your needs and concerns more efficiently, in a way that is much more interactive and creative than our competitors. We believe in a close relationship with our buyers. In fact, we consider it more like a partnership, and our first priority using your input is to instantaneously and fully resolve any issues. We always welcome feedback from our buyers, because it does not only help us improve our pro- ducts, but also helps our company evolve into a more responsive, and valuable partner for you.

The DLUX PROFESSIONAL name comes from a combination of the words “DEAR” & “LUXURY” and those two words embody exactly what our brand is all about. We consider our customers extremely precious to us, and always strive to keep them happy and satisfied by providing the best quality at an ideal price. Also, with 20 years of experience in manufacturing eyelash-enhancing products, you can trust us to deliver everything you need for gorgeous, and sophisticated synthetic lashes.



The World’s Beauty Creator

Tel : +82-973-9902

Fax : +82-973-9901
Address :  180-11, Haengjusanseong-ro 116beon-gil, Deogyang-gu,
Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea 10440

E-mail : eyelashjl@gmail.com
Manager : Gene

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